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     Kevin McDonnell
Living Pain Free

A Happier more comfortable You!!!



Making a Positive Impact

As a mature yoga teacher, my passion is to guide and assist the 40 to 70 year old age bracket to regain a greater range of movement with a marked decrease in pain or discomfort.

I employ various bodywork modalities on the massage table primarily a mixture of Rolfing and Osteopathy which very quickly reduce painful symptoms. These direct releases are translated into short, direct and acheivable or appropriate movement based programs which then continue the release of painful symptoms whilst at the same time creating a greater range of pain free movement.

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Muscle Building

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also how our body feels on the inside!

To find a balance it is very important to assess exacty which muscular structures are in need of strengthening, if not we will put strain on already hyper tonic or tight muscles leading to repetitive injuries or more discomfort.

If you would like help in creating a balanced training regime with no time out on injuries , feel free to get in touch, i am here to help. 

Flexibility Training

This is a popular trend in the fitness world today. Whether it’s losing weight or trimming and toning, my programs will increase your range of motion and very quickly give access to movements and excersises that will rapidly improve your general health and your ability to engage in a broader range of activities.   

Call today and start on your path to a younger more able you!


I’m here to bring you results. Contact me for more details.

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On the Table

The Fast Track to comfortable movement


Massage Adjustments

 Myoskeletal Alignment is a mixture of Osteopathy and                 Rolfing. After assessing range and comfort with various movements or excersises we move to the massage table to take a deeper look at what maybe inhibiting full range of motion or causing pain during movement.

once we have a clear understanding of the issues the treatments start. The sessions will often involve testing movement and then returning to the bench applying very simple and effective releases which once tested again, result in a greater range of motion with a marked decrease in pain.

At the end of the session i will often recommend a few excersises

which will replicate the adjustments performed on the bench.

The recommended remedial movements will be filmed on a mobile at the end of each session so you may continue the work at your own leasure.

Yoga Tuition

After thirty years of yoga practice and extensive training in many styles I am offering 1 2 1 tuition for all ages and abilities.

These classes are a sure way of deepening your knowledge and skills regarding the application of yoga to your individual body type.

Yoga For The Over Fifties

These classes are specially orientated towards mature individuals 

Typical ages being 45 to 70 years of age.

The aim is to restore lost or inhibited movement with special programs which are accessible and appropriate to each individuals ability. This guarantees surprisingly fast progress in regaining lost movement and strength, an absolute must for anyone feeling old before their time.  


I’m here to bring you results. Contact me for more details.

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When I first met Kevin I was in a severely depressed emotional state that was naturally manifesting itself physically.

I dont remember how many times I visited Kevin over a multiple year period, but what I do remember is that every time I walked through that door I had Kevins full attention. a remarkable accomplishment in my humble opinion. Considering his workload.

Kevins physical approach through yoga and massage along with breathing techniques, meditation, nutrition suggestions, and good old fashion listening allowed me to evolve into a much better human being on so many many levels.

He often told me how much he learned from me. Growing together as a client teacher but individually a strong evolutionary soul growth environment which he provided.

For whatever reason you'll find yourself at Kevins doorstep,  you'll find yourself a great assistant for your souls growth, trauma healing.Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Much love to you Kevin and keep up the good work

Reggie Cole


Before our Olympic trials in Mallorca for the Paris Olympics I had problems with my lower back.Through a friend I got to meet Kevin.

His work has really been a solution for me.

He has an excellent understanding of how the body opperates with a great observation and sensibility to give a solution.

I also like that his philosophy is that the solution is on you, which is the way I have seen my preparations for sports for many years.

THANKS Kevin!!!

Santiago Lange
Olympic Gold Medalist


it’s a great shame that there’s only one Kevin because he really knows his stuff and more importantly, knows how to help and heal. And not just in the session, he always provides you with the knowledge to continue the healing at home. 


I have turned to Kevin for all sorts of different physical problems and often call him a wizard because some of his most simple suggestions really do work like magic. 


Wizard or not,  we all need Kevin at some point in our lives!

Kelsy Wulff

Pareja mayor meditando

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